Basic Agreements

Agreements for Everyone to Know!

Cellular Phone Guidelines - DRAFT


This is a great opportunity to leave our phones in the car or at home! There is so much evidence of the value of BEING in the outdoors, and being together! 

Cellular phones can be a useful tool especially with taking pictures and in an emergency. AND, Cellular phones can be a distraction. 

These are our community agreements: 


Recycle all cardboard, glass, aluminum, tin, and plastic. 

No Food in Cabins

Food in cabins attracts animals, so we ask that you keep food in coolers and other sealable bins so as not to invite critters into your cabins.

ALL food needs to stay in the KITCHEN. 

Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis with permission from Camp Director. 

Lights, Fans, & Water!

Make sure you turn off lights, fans, and double check for dripping water when you leave a room! 


Leave Everything Better Than You Found It!

2 Deep Leadership

Always stay with a Buddy / Truddy

Leave No Trace

No timber, shrubs, or flowers shall be cut, damaged, or destroyed.

Scraping Dishes!