Whatcom & Skagit County
Adventure Patrol

Gear Needed & 10 Essentials 

Different activities require different gear. 

We understand that procuring gear may be expensive -- please know that we are excellent at finding supplies, discounts, and making sure this is accessible to all Girl Scouts interested. 

Standard Gear List - Bring to each activity
>>> Missing something on the list? Come anyway! We can help you out! 

1) Completed Girl Scout Permissions and Health History (Leave a copy with our Trailblazer Advisors)

2) Small Pack with as many of the 10 essentials that you have (list below)

3) Lunch

4) Protein Snack (such as granola, trail mix, mixed nuts, pepperoni)

5) Water Bottle

10 Essentials 

Additional suggestions: Insect repellent, whistle, watch, mirror (for signaling)

Resource: Washington Trails Association, Leave No Trace

Meet the Trailblazer Advisors

Erica / Beaker

Hold for more details!

Kaisha / Khaos

Super Power: 

Favorite Place to Hang Out with Sasquatch:  Gliding throught the air, treading the Mountain paths, or skimming the Salish Sea

Outdoor Skills Expert: Wilderness First Aid, improvising, fire starting, water purification, knots, camping, and so much more!

Pronouns: She/Her & They/Them

Private Facebook Group: 40721 Trailblazers, where we post details about all of our meetings.