Tips for Hosting Successful Events

Hosting Successful Events with the Northern WAVE Team!

Northern WAVE loves growing our Girl Scout Community in the North. 

We've got some tips for hosting and promoting events -- use whatever of this resource you'd like! 

Note: Frontloading as much information for people ahead of an event helps them be a "yes!" 

This is a comprehensive list that we use as a checklist / template to make sure we're thinking of everything that needs to be communicated. 

Basic Information

Arrival/Check-In Time:
Activity Time Begins:

Location Name:
Parking Location:
Parking Cost:

COST (make sure it includes Square Fees!):
Per Girl Scout?
Per Adult?

Payment via  Square / Check / Money Order
Financial Assistance? Deadline.
Cookie Dough? Deadline. 

Drop Off Event? Do Adults need to stay? Only Registered & Background Checked Adults? Only Troop Leaders? Limit the number of Adults? 

Registration Deadline:
Maximum Participants
Minimum Participants

What is included in the cost?

What is NOT included in the Cost?


Event Equipment Needed - Please volunteer to bring! 

Where to send questions:

Additional Details

Food Situation:

Adult Participation:

Badge Steps Competed:

Badge Steps for Homework:

Badges sold separately or provided. 

Registration Requirements:

Registration closes on (day of the week) (month, date, year). 

Registration form and payment is required to hold your spot. 

The registration form can be completed individually or by Troop. 

To add another Girl Scout, simply fill out the form again! 

Spots are limited and the event will close when sold out. 

Registration fees may be refundable on a case-by-case basis, and is not guaranteed.
Registrations are transferrable to another Girl Scout.
Fees refunded may take up to ? weeks after event completes. 

Due to the Additional Required High-Risk Forms, any Roster Changes need to be made by (day-of-the-week), (Month, Date, Year). 

Staff Pictures and Profile Information

Information Needed to Successfully Host Information on our Website
& Share on Social Media

Most Simple: Flier on Website, Calendar, Facebook Page

Creating a Flier is easy for us to upload and pop into the Website, connect the calendar, and share on Facebook via our page. 

More Detailed Steps (as needed)

We are happy to empower you to do many of these steps yourself, or for us to take the actions! 

Square Store

Northern WAVE has a Square Store that makes it easy to host the event with our separate bank account. 

>> Your budget must be approved by a Team Member before the event is published.
>> Indicate any payment (debit or check) needs and timeline, and any expected reimbursement timelines. 
>> You must submit all receipts and paperwork within 2 weeks of the close of the event. 

Square Store: Who will set up the item / event for sale?


Graphics: Northern WAVE Canva makes it easy for us to edit if needed. 

Who will make the graphics? 

Registration Forms

Registration Form: Who is making the form? (We have many templates!)

Website Event with Comprehensive Details

Who is  making the Website Event?

See Basic Information & Additional Details

Social Media Sharing

Creating an EVENT that is Hosted by Northern WAVE page makes it very easy to share, as well as creating excitement as participants can talk about the event and ask questions that support everyone. 

Who is making the EVENT?

Make sure the EVENT HOST is invited! 

Share the EVENT to Local Groups

(Insert Group List Links)