Critically Empowered

Critically Empowered

Understanding Media & Protecting our Mental Health

Join us for an interactive workshop where we are empowered with strategies for thinking critically about the media we consume -- especially our attitudes about people, relationships, and behaviors.

Some media is negative - normalizing toxic stereotypes, toxic behaviors, and toxic relationships.

Some media is positive -- empowering healthy mindsets, relationships, and realistic representations of people.

At our Workshop, we'll learn:

- What is Media?

- How can we figure out if it is harmful or helpful?

- How does this Media impact our Self-Esteem and Mental Health?

- How we can protect ourselves in the future.

This workshop is open to all people of all genders and ages.

This workshop was designed with Teen Girls (Middle School) in mind as the target audience, however all people can benefit from the content.

1 PM – 2:30 PM

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