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Northern WAVE aspires to be the "one-stop shop" for all things Volunteer-Led in the North Region! 

We'd LOVE to:

WHY!? Most of our sharing is on Facebook, and Facebook/Meta decides who sees what and when. Maybe you see a random posting of something awesome, and then (if you are like me!) you have to search and search to find it again. Or, maybe you don't see it in the first place.  

Option: Submit Fliers to our Website, Calendar, & Facebook Page!

Send fliers to

Option: You/Representative receive "Editing Access."

This is a great option for Service Units and Event Directors who'd like to use our Website to publish their information directly! 

Built on Google Sites, it's really hard to "break" it! We can get you access to our Facebook Page and Google Calendar. 

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Option: Work with Northern WAVE to Host your Fantastic Idea!

We've gotten good at building events, promoting events, and having them be successful! 

We'd love to help your great idea come to life. 

Send us a note at

Option: Join the Northern WAVE Leadership Team!

We are working to grow our team and would love to hear from you!