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Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday and festival celebrated around the world during the end of October into November.Have fun learning about Dia De Los Muertos holiday by watching our zoom with cultural arts and DDLM expert Angelica Nunez, who covers many traditions of this magnificent holiday. Learn about the history, the significance of the ofrenda, why marigolds are a symbol, what foods are enjoyed, about sugar skulls, the significance of the Catrina, & so much more.
Here is a link to an entire zoom session:
If you want to explore this holiday further:Watch the movie Coco: this Video: Day of the Dead- Monarch Butterfly Migration (as seen during the event) is a coloring page: crafts: skull recipes: recipe, Pan de Muertos:
Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Doll Patch:These 2.5” patches are embroidered with an iron-on backing. $5 each and price includes shipping. PayPal details here: PayPal instructions: Be SURE to write your NAME, ADDRESS and PATCH description (IE: Catrina Doll) in the comment bar.

Great for all levels (Daisy through Ambassador.)VIDEO: During this session, Natalie Jones, AKA Peep, talked all about animal rescues and specifically Barn Owls: from the time they are born, up until they are adults and living in their environment. This event was geared toward girls at the Daisy level to the Ambassador levels.All 5 steps of the Junior Animal Habitat steps were satisfied.
Here is the link to the entire session:
For more information and resources on the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, a not for profit organization, and other organizations which help barn owls:Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue: Barn Owl Maintenance Program: A Wildlife Exclusion Service:
For crafts to make it even more fun, visit THIS link.
For a fun patch: These beauties are embroidered with an iron-on backing. They are all $5 each and always include S&H. PayPal details here: (indicate BARN OWLS and your address in the comment bar!) 
Check out this free printable HERE

8 FREE Programs!Farm Love
Co-Ops for Community
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Fueling Head to Toe
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Open Your Heart, And Lend A Hand
Happy Friendsgiving! Friendsgiving is traditionally a gathering of close friends to share the spirit of Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving is also a holiday where you can demonstrate your love for your friends and family through generous and friendly gestures; it is a new way to celebrate those who we care about. Further, it’s also a great time to show folks who don’t have people to spend the holidays with, that they are respected and cared for.
This Friendsgiving Friendship patch is a beautiful combination of symbols. The pumpkin pie is a traditional dessert enjoyed during the Thanksgiving & Friendsgiving holiday. The circle of hands represents the friendship circle which is a longstanding Girl Scout tradition. The heart in the middle of the girls’ hands represents the love and care the girls have for their fellow Girl Scout sisters and others.
During this Friendsgiving time, we ask girls to be friendly and helpful & considering and caring by generously giving their time to make other people’s lives a little happier.Here are some ways to open your heart, and lend a hand:
· Pick some flowers for a neighbor or friend· Make someone a card· Create a gift of a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving centerpiece· Bake for others· Spread joy through song· Bring someone their mail· Help someone by walking their dog· Learn a few jokes & share them (Make others laugh and smile!)· Find a location that is accepting donations for Thanksgiving dinner and contribute toward the cause (canned cranberry sauce, canned ham, stuffing mix, canned corn, canned sweet potatoes or yams, cans of green beans, mashed potato mix or whatever they are asking for.)· Anything else heartfelt that you decide
Choose one or more options. Be sure to always take a trusted adult with you when you leave your house. Thank you for making the world a better place!
FREE Friendsgiving printables can be found HERE.
These 2.5” patches are embroidered with an iron-on backing. $5 each and price includes shipping. PayPal details here: PayPal instructions: Be SURE to write your NAME, ADDRESS and PATCH description (IE: FRIENDSGIVING) in the comment bar.