Teach a Workshop!

G.I.R.L. Conference is an annual day of fun workshops for Girl Scouts of all ages. 

We welcome Community Members, Adult Volunteers, and Older Girl Scouts to teach workshops on a variety of topics. 

Have a passion you want to share? A skill you want to teach others? It doesn't need to align with a badge. This day is for fun and exploration!

Some ideas include: Tea Party, Spa Day, Guide Dog Training, Slime (with Girl Scout Cookie Flavors!), Song Leading, Science Explosions, Cookie Decorating, Geocaching, Hiking 101 - and more!

What does it look like being a Workshop Host?

We offer flexible options for Workshop Hosts.
All that is required is an idea, a passion, or a skill that you want to share with others! 

You can choose:
WHAT you teach - WHO you teach - WHEN you teach - HOW OFTEN you teach!

How the Schedule Works:

Workshop Participants Age Ranges: 

Supply Fees:

Workshop Host Qualifications

I have an idea! Who can I ask if it would work out? 

If you want to know if we like your idea or if it will work as a workshop for G.I.R.L. Conference:
Send an email to Ann/Skup at skupmaroney@comcast.net or Val/Orange at theorangeval@gmail.com

Hint: We're pretty sure whatever your idea is we can make it work!

I'm in! What is the process for me as a Workshop Host?

1) Yay! Thank you!

2) Please fill out the G.I.R.L. Workshop Host Form (embedded below) with all of your needs and preferences. 

3) Our team will connect with you to let you know that we got it! 

4) Once we've collected all of the Workshop Host Forms, we'll open registration. 

5) About 1.5-2 weeks before the G.I.R.L. Conference, we'll close registration and send you a class list.
See the specific registration deadline on the front of our event page. The class list will come a day or two later! 

6) At that point, you can go ahead and order supplies needed and make final plans for your workshop. 

7) If you need copies made, it is possible that we can make them with GSWW. 

8) If you charged a supply fee, request a reimbursement form from Skup. Be sure to attach your receipts!
(More details to come! And maybe even a Google Form!).
> Alternatively, you can claim your expenses as a gift-in-kind. Please ask Skup for that form, too! 

8) Have a great workshop!