We understand that today's College Student has many challenges -- changing course loads, tight finances, often times without a car or easy transportation, OH -- AND!!  a pandemic! As Mentors, we'd like to help provide transportation, communication, and invitations to fun things Girl Scouts are doing around town, so that College Students are supported in the ways they need it most.  

Girl Scouts ages 18-29 provide younger Girl Scouts an excellent role model, are closer to remembering what it is like to be that age, and know what it's like to be a young person today. Truthfully, these Young Adult Leaders are inspiring just by being themselves! Visit our Campus Girl Scouts page for more information. 

Teen Leadership Team (Offical Name TBD)

Calling Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors who want more fun events for older girls in our area! Join a group of likeminded Girl Scouts and adults to bring teens together at a variety of events, programs, badge work, and Higher Award support meetings. Have a say in what these opportunities include by joining the Teen Leadership Team … you will get to come up with a fun name for the group! Meeting dates TBD. For more information contact, Val Manuel at theorangeval@gmail.com.

Girl Scout Badge Kits for Troops

Contactless Porch Pick-Up for WA North Region counties keeping costs low for Girl Scouts in the North Region.
Includes: Island,  San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish & Whatcom Counties

Badge kits follow overall learning objectives, and have been designed for meaningful activity.
Visit our Badge Kits page for current kit availability.

NOW OFFERING PDF Badge Instructions!

If you're outside our WA North Region area and can't purchase one of our kits or if you'd just rather gather the items on your own,
now you can still purchase the complete instruction PDF on its own!

All the instructions you need to complete your selected badge will be included. Just gather your supplies (listed in the PDF) and have fun!