Whatcom & Skagit County Adventure Patrol

Do you like adventures?

Trailblazers is an adventure-oriented group for Girl Scouts in grades 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 (Cadette, Senior and Ambassador levels).

This group is perfect for teenagers who are seeking exciting outdoor-based adventures to challenge their abilities, broaden their horizons, increase their self-confidence, build long-lasting friendships and have a whole lot of fun!

Financial Assistance is available -- plus, we are pretty good at using our resources wisely!

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How to Join the Adventure!
Meeting Schedule & RSVP

As we establish our Trailblazer Troop, we invite all interested people to connect with us on our

Private Facebook Group: 40721 Trailblazers, where we post details about all of our meetings.

This group is appropriate for people who are certain they'd like to join us AND for people who are still checking it out.

This is a Girl Scout-Led Program, and Trailblazers who attend each meeting influence what activities we plan in the future.

Generally, we plan to meet during the first weekend of each month so families can plan to hold those dates for our activities.

These Trailblazer Adventures are for youth members only, and are considered a drop-off event. Teens and Tweens learn so much from being with their peers and our specially-trained Advisors -- leadership, resilience, and self-advocacy to name a few!

Not on Facebook? fill out the interest form, and Erica will contact you directly!

Gear Needed & 10 Essentials

Different activities require different gear.

We understand that procuring gear may be expensive -- please know that we are excellent at finding supplies, discounts, and making sure this is accessible to all Girl Scouts interested.

Standard Gear List - Bring to each activity
>>> Missing something on the list? Come anyway! We can help you out!

1) Completed Girl Scout Permissions and Health History (Leave a copy with our Trailblazer Advisors)

2) Small Pack with as many of the 10 essentials that you have (list below)

3) Lunch

4) Protein Snack (such as granola, trail mix, mixed nuts, pepperoni)

5) Water Bottle

10 Essentials

  • Nutrition - Food

  • Hydration - Water

  • Emergency Shelter (Reflective Space Blanket)

  • Rain Gear and Insulation (Extra Clothes (Layers), Gloves, Extra Socks)

  • Knife / Multi-Tool

  • Navigation - Compass & Map

  • Illumination (Flashlight, Extra Batteries)

  • First Aid Kit (Personal Size)

  • Fire (Matches, Fire Starters,

  • Heat / Sun Protection (Sun Screen, Sun Glasses)

Additional suggestions: Insect repellent, whistle, watch, mirror (for signaling)

Resource: Washington Trails Association, Leave No Trace

What kind of things can we do?

Pretty Much Anything!

Archeology - Kayaking - Scuba Diving - Archery - National Park Tours - Service Projects - Backpacking - Orienteering - Skiing - Outdoor Cooking - Snorkeling - Biking - Camping - Outdoor Skill Building - Snow Shoeing - Canoeing - Paddle Boarding - Snow Tubing - Caving - Photography - Geology - Swimming - Challenge Courses - Rafting - Fossil Hunting - Rock Climbing - Inner Tubing - Hiking - Ropes Courses - Windsurfing - Horseback Riding - Sailing - Wildlife Studies - Bird Watching - Foraging - Ziplining - and Lots More!

Meet the Trailblazer Advisors

Erica / Beaker

Hold for more details!

Kaisha / Khaos

Super Power:

Favorite Place to Hang Out with Sasquatch: Gliding throught the air, treading the Mountain paths, or skimming the Salish Sea

Outdoor Skills Expert: Wilderness First Aid, improvising, fire starting, water purification, knots, camping, and so much more!

Pronouns: She/Her & They/Them

Who is suited for this kind of group?

Any Kind of Girl Scout! ALL Kinds of Girl Scouts!

Young Humans - Learners - Careful - Tough - Risk takers - Explorers - Carefree - Soft - Seekers - Determined - Worried - Loud - Leaders - Uncertain - Sensitive - Quiet - Followers - Confident - Willing - Understanding - Questioners - Unsure - Able - Discoverers - Impulsive - YOU!

Inclusivity Policy

Girl Scouts of Western Washington and Sasquatch Trailblazers are inclusive programs.

This means: All genders, aside from cisgender boys,* are welcome to be a Girl Scout.

All Adult Advisors and Adventure Patrol Leaders must complete GSWW's JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) and LGBTQ+ training programs.

Your Girl Scout is safe here. You, as a Girl Scout, are safe here.

Here is snippet of GSWW's Inclusivity Policy:

We invest in our community through Girl Scouts. Our community represents every race, ethnicity, income level, sexual orientation, ability, and religion; reflects a spectrum of gender identity; and connects across geographic locations. By focusing our attention on community members who are furthest from racial, economic, and social justice, Girl Scouts can be an instrument of change, promoting equitable outcomes for all. We wholly commit to taking action to grow as an anti-racist and anti-oppressive organization so that, through Girl Scouts, our members are affirmed as they strive to make our community and world better.

More information can be found on the GSWW website.

*Note: If a Cisgender boy needs help finding an adventure program for him, please let us know, and we'll help him find a program!