Whatcom Youth Pride Parade

Saturday, June 4, 2022 @ 10:30AM

Girl Scouts throughout Western Washington have an opportunity to support Whatcom Youth Pride by participating in the Parade! Troops from several counties, including Whatcom and Skagit are invited to participate in this year's parade! Yay Girl Scouts!

If you've never attended this parade before, just know that it is a fun for all and includes a Festival afterwards for the whole family to attend.

According to Google Walking Estimations, the parade itself looks to be ~20 minutes long starting at the corner of Cornwall & Halleck, however, different bodies go at different speeds. (Picture of route below.) The Festival will be at Bellingham High School and runs from 11:30AM until 2PM.

Gear Needed:

- Girl Scout Uniform*

- Comfortable Walking Shoes

- Dress for the Weather

- Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Hat, Sunglasses

- Water Bottle

- Snacks (This is a great time to use your backpack made at the Outdoor Art Day!)

- Optional: Flags, Buttons, Signs!

Troop Gear (if Available):

- Troop Banner

- Troop Flag

Information to come:

-Where to Park

-Where to Meet

*It's important to remember your Girl Scout Uniform for this event, sending the message to our community that Girl Scouts is a safe place for LGBTQ+.

Girl Scout Curriculum

Participating in a Parade can be made part of:

- Daisy Good Neighbor

- Brownie Celebrating Community

- Junior Inside Government

This is not a Drop-Off Event. Girl Scouts must be supervised by their own grown-up OR a specified Girl Scout Adult.

When RSVPing using the button at the top of this page, please be sure to include email addresses for everyone in your group that will need to receive further instructions for the event. We want to make sure all our scouts can easily find one another and connect!

More Details: