Camp Kapers

Troop Kapers (to be edited)

Every Day

Pick up litter around bathroom

Every Day

Remove all Personal Items to Lost and Found

At End

Wipe down showers (if used)

At End

Swish Toilets

At End

Wipe Down Outside of Toilets

Every Day

Wipe down sinks

At End

Sweep Floors

When Needed

Empty Stall Trash and Replace Bag

When Needed

Empty Trash Can to Dumpster

Every Day

Turn Off Lights

Update with new names



Casa de Pepe - Side 1

Casa de Pepe - Side 2

Wassu - Side 1

Wassu - Side 2

Wassu - ADA All Gender

Main Lodge Cook's Bathroom

Hi-Tor Lodge

Herman's Hut

Health House

Sweep Lodge Front Porch?

During Camp - At Camp Kirby

Full-Time Kitchen Assistant

Description to come!

Part-Time Rotation - Kitchen Assistant

Details to come!

Dish Pit Instructions

Person 1: Scrape & Organize
Person 2: Wash & Rinse
Person 3: Sterilize & Stack - DO NOT TOWEL DRY.
Person 1, and as others are available: Put away AIR DRIED dishes. 

Lodge Fairy

Arrive 60 minutes before the scheduled meal time. 

Confirm from the kitchen if food is being served "family style" or in a line. 

Set the tables and dish ware in a way that makes sense. 

Get a list of Food and Options from Kitchen Staff

Remind Girl Scouts lining up to wash their hands. 

Let the Girl Scouts in when the Lodge is ready -- confirming with Kitchen Staff their timeline for serving. 

At the correct time, A-Word (announce) the meal, options, dietary restrictions, and give instructions needed. 

When the kitchen is ready, dismiss each table OR identify the hopper 

>> Set up Tables
>> Take down Tables, Mop / Sweep
>> Put benches back up on the Table

Bathrooms & Shower Houses

Keep the Bathrooms and Shower Houses Clean!

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies and Restock can be found  in the storage closet at Casa de Pepe. The storage closet key, as well as the tiolet paper and paper towel dispenser key is on a wooden stick in the hallway by the dish pit in the main lodge. 

Bathroom Tidy - Throughout Weekend

Bathroom Tidy - At Check Out 

Parking Marshall

Make sure everyone is parking efficiently, back-in parking. 

Camp First Aider

Before Camp!

Camp Kitchen Director

Grocery Shoping Support

Equipment Quartermaster


Confirm Due Dates for Financial Assistance & Cookie Dough, set Application deadline. 

Set Registration Deadline. 

Process Registrations, confirming payment via Square, Financial Assistance, or Cookie Dough. 

Close Registration, Financial Assistance, and Cookie Dough forms on applicable dates. 

Submit Financial Assistance to Girl Scouts of Western Washington by due date. 

Submit Cookie Dough requests to Girl Scouts of Western Washington by due date. 

Support participants completing required forms. 

Communicate Heath Alerts and Dietary Restrictions to Kitchen Staff and First Aiders. 

Communicate Accomodations needed by Adults for Kapers.

Assign Cabins based on Troop Size and Accommodations. 

Manage Check-In and Check-Out at camp. 

Business Manager

Program Director

Design the program and activities for Campers

which would be helping with the program that we do, coordinating with anyone who is teaching program activities, and making sure they have the supplies and information needed to be successful. 

It could also include Building the Schedule and creating the rotating groups! 

Camp Director

Kaper Kaptain

Troop Kapers - Assign by Sleeping Area. Have them do it the whole weekend. Take into consideration age of Kiddos (Daisies can have an easy bathroom)