Driving Directions




DO NOT GO STRAIGHT  to go straight through the neighborhood (instead of turning right onto Wharf). This helps Camp Kirby to manage the traffic flow and get along with their neighbors! 

Entering Camp Kirby & Parking


Check-In & Checking Out During Camp Hours

If you are leaving camp for any reason, you must check OUT with the Camp First Aider, who is accountable for knowing who is and who is not at Camp. 

Medication - Turn In to First Aider - For Adults and Youth

ALL medication, for adults and youth, must be checked in with the Camp First Aider, and is stored in the Health House away from Campers. 

Troop Leaders and Adult Participants will be assigned a time to meet AT the Health House for Medication Administration according to the Instructions. 

ALL medication must come in its original container from the pharmacy (and never a plastic baggie!).

Health Forms - Download Here!

Each person attending our Camp must have a Health History & Permissions form on file with our Camp Nurse. 

We will return completed forms to you at the end of camp. Anything not picked up will be shredded. 

For ALL Girl Scouts and Youth (Under 18) attending, please complete:

For ALL Adults (18+ attending, please complete: 

The A-Word (Announcements)

If Camp Leadership says that word, then we all sing the song. 

Singing for Your Lost and Found

If something gets lost, and then it is found, it goes into Lost and Found at the Lodge. 

If you find it in the Lost and Found then you are free. 

Cabin Courtesy

Mealtime Flow

Wash Hands at Casa de Pepe. 

Line up at the hallway near the dish pit. 

The Lodge Fairy will open the doors when the kitchen is ready for Girl Scouts to be in the Lodge. 

Find a seat at at table. 

We'll all sing a "Grace" or "Thanks" together.

Announcements during Meal Time by Camp Leadership Team

When you are finished eating: