2023 Spring Encamporee

An Encamporee is an opportunity for Girl Scouts of all ages to participate in a weekend camp full of fun, engaging, hands-on experiences together!

Priority Registration for Whatcom County Girl Scouts is held until February 15th. After January 15th, registration opens to Girl Scouts outside of Whatcom County until full.

STEP 1: Registration

STEP 2: Payment - Square, Cookie Dough Or Financial Assistance

Step 3: Kapers

Step 2: Option 1
Payment - Square
Deposit  OR Pay-In-Full
OR Pay Balance

Step 2: Option 3
Financial Assistance 
or Cookie Dough

Check Cookie Dough Balance

Date:  Friday, April 14, 2023 - Sunday, April 16, 2023
Arrival Time:  Girl Scouts arrive between 4:00 and 7:00pm
Check Out Time:  Check out between 11:30am and 12:30pm, after our checkout clean-up tasks!
Please workout with your Troop if your plan is to arrive together or as families are able. 

Detailed schedule below!  

Location & Parking : Camp Kirby, Samish Island - See details below!

Cost:  $90.00 per participant - Youth & Adult (Financial Assistance Available and Cookie Dough Eligible)
Deposit: $35 Non-Refundable Deposit (CAN be transferred)
Deposit Due: Wednesday, February 15th
Balance Due: Friday, March 31st
Discount: $3 discount per person if paying by check. Discount applies on the balance due or paid-in-full. 


Cost Includes:

Financial Accessibility Support:  Making Sure Camp Is ACCESSIBLE for ALL!

Girl Scouts in Whatcom County serve Girl Scouts of all income and resources, and we make sure everyone who wants to attend our Spring Encamporee is able to.. One of our Superpowers is finding resources (financial & gear) to make sure all who can attend - do! 

Participation Expectations


Financial Assistance - Youth or Adult - Applications Closed - Please send email! 

Unfortunately, our deadline to apply for Financial Assistance with GSWW has passed. 

If your Girl Scout needs Financial Assistance to participate, please send an email to Christine Olson, and we can work together to see what resources we can find to support everyone's participation.  I'm generally successful at finding strategies to have access!

Thank you, Christine

Financial Assistance is available as an Event Grant for both Girl Scouts and Adults. 

Step 1 - Prequalify with GSWW

Please work with your Troop Leader for who fills out the Financial Assistance Digital Application for pre-qualification.

Once each participant has been pre-qualified, our Business Manager will apply for the Service Unit Event Grant from GSWW.

Financial Assistance is not available for Tagalongs (under 5) or Boys Unit (Cisgender Male, Age 5+).

STEP 2 - Complete our ENCAMPOREE Financial Assistance Form - Button Above

Cookie Dough

Girl Scouts who have earned Cookie Dough prior to the 2023 Season can use their Cookie Dough to pay for the Camp. 

Complete the Form - Button Above - to give us information needed so that the Business Manager can process the payment. 

Adult Participants - Volunteers

Adult participants are welcome, and must be a registered, background checked GSUSA Member to attend. 

Adult participants are required to pay the fee to attend, and may use Financial Assistance. 

1) All adults attending are expected to help in myriad ways:

2) If your Girl Scouts Youth needs your direct attention as a support/accommodation, please indicate so on your registration. This information will be kept confidential among Camp Leadership and Staff.

Register here: https://mygs.girlscouts.org/

Leadership Positions Needed

Leadership Positions Needed!

We are looking for a few people to help as:

Kitchen Staff -- Our Quantity Cook is "Puff" (also known as Maria in real life!). 

NOTE: Please consider the age and experience of your Girl Scouts and any extra attending adults before you volunteer to do something camp-wide.

Tagalongs (under 5) & Dragonalongs - Boys Unit

Tagalongs (under 5) or Boys Unit (Cisgender Male, Age 5+). 

We understand that sometimes families need and/or enjoy attending Girl Scouts together, and we are happy to purchase additional insurance to have these participants attend.  

While we welcome Tagalongs and Boys to our our Camp, we do have some stipulations for their privilege of attending this Girl Scout Camp. Camp Staff has successfully managed Tagalongs and Boys at camps before, and this is a trial year for this community. 


Dragonalongs (Boys Unit): 

Meal Plan

All dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Be sure to indicate your needs on the registration form! 

Friday Dinner - In the Lodge, come as it works for your Girl Scouts!
Baked Potato Bar: Chili & Baked Potato Bar
Green Salad 

Evening Snack - At Campfire!

Saturday Breakfast
Breakfast Casserole - Options: Meat / Vegetarian / Extra Veggies / Vegan / French Toast
Bagels, Oatmeal
Bananas & Oranges

Daytime Snack:
Brownie in an Orange (here is an example)

Saturday Lunch
Sauce: Tomato, Butter
Gluten Free Option: Zucchini Noodles
Vegetarian Option: Eggplant Parmesan

Saturday Snack
Trail Mix Surprise - Each Troop/Group bring something GORPy (as assigned) 

Saturday Dinner
Taco Salad Bar
Pop Rocks! 

Sunday Breakfast
Banana Split Breakfast Bar
Bagels & Cream Cheese

Available at each meal:
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Coffee - for adults only

Schedule - Ready to Publish!

Note: Some parts could change, by a half-hour or so. Any changes will be announced at Camp. 

Friday - Arrival, Getting Settled, Welcome, Connection

Before 4pm: Volunteer Staff arrive and set up. Includes: Director, Kitchen, Camp First Aid

Between 4pm and 6:30pm: Campers arrive to CHECK IN with CAMP FIRST AIDER at Lodge Front Porch. 

5:00ish - 7:30pm DINNER - Served in the lodge! 

7:00pm - Adult Meeting in Lodge with Purposeful Proclamations Campers play in the Field with Dawn's Early, Sunshine, & (Sophie), & (Padfoot), 

Alternate if there is lots of rain: Campers in LODGE. Adults at Tayito. 

7:30pm - Casual Campfire w/ S'mores at Fire Circle.

Saturday - Program! Explosions! Fun!

8:00am - 9:30am Breakfast in the Lodge (Sit with your Girl Scout Troop!) and Important Information

10:00am - Program Time (Sessions 1 & 2)

Noon - 1:30pm Lunch in the Lodge (Sit with your Girl Scout Troop) and Official Oratory

1:30pm - 2:30pm (Insert clever name for "Get Your Needs Met Time") Rest at your cabins, walk on the beach, play with fun things!

2:30pm - 5:00pm Program Time & Free Time

5:00pm Dinner at the Lodge (Sit with your (tbd) group! Practice making new friends!) and Necessary Notifications

7:00pm Songs & Skits at the Fire Circle.

Evening - CSAs & Juniors bridging to Cadettes  - Night Owl Badge with Chaos, Dawn's Early, (Sophie), and (Rebecca) at Herman's Hut

Sunday - Reflections! Reset! Goodbye! 

8:00am Breakfast (sit any where!), Beneficial Bulletins, Ginormous Gratitudes, and Cheerful Celebrations

9:30am Scouts' Own (at Chapel OR other location)

11:00am Closing Whistles 

11:30am+ Completions and Check Out!

Camp Kirby & Sleeping Accommodations

Camp Kirby is beautiful and easily accessible for mobility. Please let us know what you need! 

Indoor units with electricity are available for those with sleeping machines. Please indicate this in your Registration Form. 

Girl Scout Troops will be assigned sleeping cabins by the Event Staff and kept together as a group. 

Cisgender Men and Boys Unit attending will sleep separately. (Exceptions made for young boys). 

Learn more about Camp Kirby here: https://www.campfiresamish.org/rent-camp-kirby/

Pictures here: https://www.campfiresamish.org/rent-camp-kirby/camp-kirby-rental-photos/

Camp Names 

Camp Names a fun tradition that differs between regions, different camps, different troops. 

For this Camp:

Gear & Packing List (Printable Lists Linked!)

If you need help sourcing any of this gear, please let us know! 

There is a spot on the Registration Form to indicate needs. 

Please label ALL items with Camper First and Last Name!

Personal Packing List - for each Participant - Printable linked here!

Bedding - Pack these in a large PLASTIC bag and write your name on it. All Cabins have Mattresses. 

Note 1: This is a messy camp. Bring things you can get messy in.
Note 2: This is April. Dress for Layers. Pack extra in case it gets wet. 



Optional Gear:


Troop / Group / IRM Supply List - Printable linked here!

If you  have extra (sign up  sheet will be available by Mid-March):

Cellular Phone Guidelines - DRAFT


This is a great opportunity to leave our phones in the car or at home! There is so much evidence of the value of BEING in the outdoors, and being together! 

Cellular phones can be a useful tool especially with taking pictures and in an emergency. AND, Cellular phones can be a distraction. 

These are our community agreements: 

COVID & Other Health Precautions - Details Soon!

Exploding Paint Bombs



Burrito & Dawn's Early

Hands-On Messy STEM

Lead by Pickle

Yes. Let's explode things! Let's get messy! 

Ideas we are exploding in our brains: 

Elephant Toothpaste - Volcanos - Mentos & Coke - Edible Water Beads! 

It'll be a surprise what we do when we get there -- but we KNOW it will be fun and messy. 


Outdoor Cooking & Fires

Lead by Ms. Frizzle &  (Hold for New Camp Name for Padfoot!)

If you haven't had a Brownie in an Orange cooked in a campfire - you will be delighted! 

Girl Souts will also have a chance to practice their Fire Building Skills. Some Girl Scouts will learn to light a match, others will build a fire! 

Archery & Sling Shots

Blaze and Weedy

Camp Fire Program

Friday Evening - S'mores, Casual Songs

Saturday Evening - Songs and Skits performed by each Troop! 

Songs and Skits

Scouts' Own

Theme: Make the World a Better Place

Sunday Morning - Lead by: Nobody

Come with poems, songs, art -- anything beautiful that reflects and celebrates what it is to "Make the World a Better Place," -- to share with our group.

A solemn, reverent ceremony allows for contemplation, connection, and community.

Camp Leadership Team!

Wonderful Volunteers making this happen!

Camp Director

Nobody - Christine

Camp Nurse

Khaos - Kaisha

Camp Business Manager




Archery / Sling Shots

Blaze - Sam



Hands-On Messy STEM


Fires & Outdoor Cooking

Ms Frizzle

Messy Art Station

Hostess & Kapers

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff

Our AMAZING Camp Cook!

~~ PUFF ~~

I'm so amazed by Maria and how happy providing nourishment to our campers makes her! I'm clear that we will all be well-fed, no matter our dietary restrictions.

I'm so impressed by our menu and how she is organized with how the weekend works.

Here's what I can promised for sure -- her main ingredient is LOVE!


Contact the Leadership Team - WhatcomServiceUnit111@gmail.com